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Collaborate in Reducing Crime

The SentiGuard® mobile app enable citizens to send detailed tip reports to police agencies. Reports may contain a combination of pictures, videos or audio files that users may capture at that moment or browse from the device’s memory. Users can also select a crime type and the exact location where the incident took place with a brief description of the incident. In order to preserve the chain of custody report file and it’s metadata are encrypted and safely stored.

Streamline Collaboration

Now you can collaborate anonymously with your local police and submit tip reports that may contain multimedia (video, images, audio) and the exact location where a crime is taking place, all from your Android or iOS devices.

Live Video Feeds

Send video feeds to police of incidents as they happen. Using leading edge technology, SentiGuard transmits video from your cell phone directly to police agencies. Police agents monitoring video feeds will know the exact location where the incident is taking place in order to dispatch agents.

Stay Informed

Receive push notifications from you local police agency and stay informed about public safety issues and other important news in your city.

SentiGuard® Features


Live Video Streaming

Stream live video to Police.

Crime Reports

Submit detailed crime reports.

Anonymous Tip Reports

Send anonymous tip reports.

Police Map

Police Department locations.

Push Notifications

Receive notifications from Law Enforcement Agency.

SMS to Tip

Send tip reports through SMS to local police.

Live Chat

Live chat with police agencies.

Most Wanted

Detailed most wanted list.

Crime Mapping

Crime map locations.

And much more!

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SentiGuard® fosters' collaboration between citizens and law enforcement agencies to reduce and fight crime.